maandag 21 mei 2012

A pair of jeans on my shirt

It's sooo amazing how the sun can brighten up your day, literaly and figurly. On a sunny day everyone is smiling, birds are singing, children are playing in the streets and the sky is like a giant bright blue blanket. What should not be forgotten is that the coats can be left at home and big fuzzy sweaters can be replaced with light airy shirts. After a great day with my sister and friend we enjoyed some delicious icecream and a couple of sunny pictures could be taken. And the good news is the weather forecast is promising a whole sunny week, which is kind of unique in Amsterdam ha ha.

I wore a tanktop from H&M with a nice vintage silver collar. I wore the black pants from The Sting in a kind of urban style with the tank. It can be worn in a very chic way too, but i decided to do it this way now. My brown/orange heels that you've already seen before were my lucky numbers today. The chain bracelet is from Tiffany & Co. and the yellow nail polish is from Miss Sporty. My red lipstick could've not been missed!

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