donderdag 30 januari 2014


As you guys probably already noticed, my style can't be described in one or two words. What i wear depends on my mood and mindstate at that moment. I can go from chic to sporty and from urban to preppy, I love to change my looks from day to day. Now i found out about this cool brand from France called Unkut and i love the items they offer. It's a mix of casual, sporty and urban chic, so every girl could find something she likes. I got this jacket from Unkut and i love the way it can be worn in different styles. I also got a couple of other items from their shop that i will show you guys in the next posts. Since the brand is based in France they also have a webshop that ships internationally. You should definetely go take a look here!

maandag 27 januari 2014


I have developed this crazy addiction for Zara coats in one way or another. Lately there is so much choice in their stores, i really have to stop myself! I am in love with my latest purchase; this camel chic coat. The best thing about it is that it can be worn  in several ways because of the straight line design it has. Today i was in a chic mood, so i combined it classy with my new heels and Louis bag. What do you think?

vrijdag 17 januari 2014

Hot pink

I have to tell you guys about these new items. First of all this hot pink MAC lipstick which is called 'Girl about town'. It's a lip color that brightens up your whole look very easily and stays good on your lips for quite a few hours. Because it has a blue ondertone, it's perfect to give your winter outfit that extra pop. The other new item is my statement necklace from Primark and was like 10euro which i think is very cheap for a stunning necklace like this. It can be worn to an evening occasion but also with a chic casual look. Don't you think it's gorgeous?

maandag 13 januari 2014

Boho chic

I am so glad that it's not so cold as is has to be this time of the year. You can wear a normal (non furry) coat without having your butt freezing off. As a matter of fact, it's even sunny on top of that. The sun was shining so much that i couldn't even keep my eyes open properly. My outfit yesterday was kind of boho chic with the baggy Mango coat, my Monki jeans and chunky boots. Perfect for a sunny sunday. Oh, and what do you think about my side cut?

zaterdag 11 januari 2014

The bridge of love

Hey guys! I wanted to show you these portrait shots that i did on the 'love lock' bridge in Paris, or better known as the pont des arts. We had a long walk through the whole centre of Paris that day, went vintage shopping and had a lovely dinner after. I wore my black faux fur coat with these chandellier earrings from H&M. I have a new haircut since a couple of days that i have to show you, but that will come in the next post. Hope you guys are enjoying your saturday evening. Kiss!

Fur coat: Lipstick/Knit & earrings: H&M

woensdag 8 januari 2014

Ici c'est Paris

I am back in town! And i had an amazing week in France :) It's incredible how much you can see and experience in just a week. All this architecture, new people, food and so on. I was in Paris first, went to Rennes to visit family and then went back to Paris. Both amazing cities where a lot can be seen and done. Of course shopping is a necessary thing that has to be done in Paris ha ha. I took some time to shoot my outfit on one of the days in Paris. I am just in love with my soft pink coat from Zara. What do you think?