zondag 29 april 2012

I found your nose, it was in my business.

It was such a lovely and sunny day in Amsterdam. I had a lot to do but when the sun shines that's not a problem at all. Sunshine makes everything good don't you think? After all i got some time to make some nice pictures in the park. Even though i had a very busy day i decided to wear some nice heels i got from a vintage store here in Amsterdam. The rest of my outfit was pretty comfortable and light. The knitted vest is a hand made present i like soo much and  got from a friend. I even got it in a nice pink color too, so i have two of these guys! The bag i got from Primark. I love this store because you can purchase a lot of nice accessories and even shoes and for a very good price too! The jeggings are from H&M and the scarf i got from Six. I must say i started to feel my feet at the end of this very busy day. But when you're a heel soldier even the busiest days don't stop you from wearing high heels. You just go on like you're wearing the most comfortable shoes in the world! 

zondag 15 april 2012

It's about time..

I've been thinking about starting my own fashion blog for a while now, so here it finally is: my first post! I would love to inspire people with my perspectives and thoughts about fashion and style. I'll post my outfits, cool trends, things that inspire me and just nice stylish things that i like. Hope you'll enjoy!

So this is what i wore today. The items are all kind of basic so i mixed and matched them to a colourfull and springy outfit. It was still kinda cold for the bare legs but i just can't wait for the summer to come, so when i saw a couple rays of sun i just couldn't let this cute skirt laying in my closet. The skirt is from H&M, the blazer is Calvin Klein, the heels are from Primark and the t-shirt i got from Bershka. The ring i also got from primark. I think i'll wait with exploiting my summer wardrobe because the temperature is still around 10 degrees and the sun already disapeared. That's NO weather for cute purple skirts ha ha. But i can't say i'm not superduper excited about the summer te come : D.