maandag 21 mei 2012

A pair of jeans on my shirt

It's sooo amazing how the sun can brighten up your day, literaly and figurly. On a sunny day everyone is smiling, birds are singing, children are playing in the streets and the sky is like a giant bright blue blanket. What should not be forgotten is that the coats can be left at home and big fuzzy sweaters can be replaced with light airy shirts. After a great day with my sister and friend we enjoyed some delicious icecream and a couple of sunny pictures could be taken. And the good news is the weather forecast is promising a whole sunny week, which is kind of unique in Amsterdam ha ha.

I wore a tanktop from H&M with a nice vintage silver collar. I wore the black pants from The Sting in a kind of urban style with the tank. It can be worn in a very chic way too, but i decided to do it this way now. My brown/orange heels that you've already seen before were my lucky numbers today. The chain bracelet is from Tiffany & Co. and the yellow nail polish is from Miss Sporty. My red lipstick could've not been missed!

dinsdag 8 mei 2012

A splash of gold in Paris

A couple of days ago i visited the breathtaking city Paris. It's amazing how inspiring and classy a city can be. Paris is known for it's rich history of art and architecture and of course one of the most well known fashioncities. There is so much to see and one day is certainly not enough to be able to see everything. You have to stay there for at least a weekend. We took long walks through romantic and dreamy parks,  shopped till we dropped in the world famous street Avenue des Champs-Élysées, ate Macarones and delicious French croissants on a terrace near the Eiffel tower. During the day the sun shined fully and during the evening it started to rain and that made the city even more romantic than it already was. I had such a great day with my friends and i'm certainly planning to go back to Paris some day.

I wore a gold H&M sweater in Paris with my Indian Rags bleached shirt. I got the black leather glovelettes from Bijou Birgitte and the emerald ring from H&M. The black shorts and the black blazer are from H&M too(i realize now how much i shop in H&M ha ha)! I wore a gold nail polish from Catrice and a bright red lipstick on my lips which i think completed the outifit.

zondag 6 mei 2012

Green stone collar

I bought this stunning green stone collar and i just couldn't wait to wear it, although i thought of a thousand ways to combine it. It can be worn at a party and casual too! So today i finally grabbed it out of my closet and wore it with these Zara pants that i love. It's so comfortable and can be worn in so much ways. I broke the romantic baroque vibe of the collar with a bleached urban Indian Rags shirt. The high suede brown/orange Cafe Moda heels made the complete picture. I think the whole thing came out preppy and nonchalant at the same time. I decided not to wear any more accessories to let the collar stand out. Oh, i got the collar from my favourite accesory store Primark. I can't wait to purchase more of these gorgeous collars! :).