dinsdag 24 september 2013

Juicygram/Holiday pics

Hey guys! Here are a couple of Instagram pics from my holiday in Morocco. You can follow me on K_ariima

 1.Rain in Marrakech/2.Chillout mode
1.Tanning time!/2. In the wild rock desert of Ouarzazate
 1. Curly evening/ 2. Weird neon things 
 1. Evening out/2. Pink!

zaterdag 21 september 2013

White sky

Yeah, well i can start all over and tell you about the fact that there is no sun in Holland and bla bla bla, but i won't. It was a cloudy day with a beautiful white sky and i decided to go out with Marleen and shoot my outfit of the day..


vrijdag 13 september 2013


Summer passes soo fast in Holland. We have like a week or two of summer and then fall starts.. Anyhow, i graduated and i've been to Morocco for one month so i had an amazing summer anyway. Because of all these happenings it took a long time before i could finally post an outfit post.