vrijdag 29 maart 2013

Sunshine and snowflakes

I finally finished my last exam and it's been a long while since i posted something on my blog. Sorry about that :( As i told you before i am a person who does everything the last moment, so also preparing my exams happened when i just had a couple of days left. Anyway, today has confirmed something for me: Holland has the strangest weather in the world! It started like an ordinairy sunny day in spring, when it started to snow like we're in december! And it happened in the middle of making these pictures, so don't mind the snowflakes passing by..

woensdag 20 maart 2013

Hello spring! I've been waiting for you..

I'm kind of in the middle of my exams right now, but i wanted to do a quick outfit shoot for you today so here it is. I think it has a little vintage edge with the background and the jacket which is vintage ha ha. It was so windy so i don't look too happy on the pictures, i didn't feel like wearing make up and oh my, my haircolor is already growing out!

zaterdag 16 maart 2013

New in | River Island Wedges

Hey guys! I adopted these little beauties and wanted to show you. I am in looove with these new shoes and i can't wait to wear them as soon as the weather gets better. They are quite high heeled but they still are comfy, what do you want more? I got them at River Island which most of the time sells stunning foot candy..

woensdag 13 maart 2013

Tie dye jeans & aviator sunnies

I am that typical person that postpones every single thing till the last moment. Like now my exams will start in less than two weeks, but i am pretending like they don't exist and have fun till i realize i'm in trouble. So today i went out to eat something with a friend, and after that i took this pictures of today's outfit.

zaterdag 9 maart 2013

Johnny Depp on my top

Hey guys! The weekend is here and it's time for some laying back and relaxing. To tell you the truth i really have to clean my room and do something about my closet that doesn't want to shut anymore, it is such a mess! So i think i will need a whole day to take care of that..

dinsdag 5 maart 2013

Spring is on its way!

I feel butterflies because i feel spring is in the air! It's so amazing what a couple of rays of sun can do. Today was such a beautiful day and everybody seemed like in such a better mood. I hope it will continue like this because now it's possible to be outside without your  butt freezing off. Hehe..