zaterdag 27 april 2013

Athens Part 1

I am back from Athens and i had an amazing time! We had so much fun and enjoyed the sun like crazy. It's such a beautiful and big(!) city full of culture and colours. The Greek people are so warm and fun and their food is delicious. We had so much fish since the sea is near. I've tried to do some outfit shoots but since it was very sunny the pictures are a little bit too light. 

woensdag 17 april 2013

I've got a vertical love for you

Two days till Athens! I am working hard on my bachelorthesis right now and hoping to finish the first part in time. I didn't pack yet and i am thinking about which clothes to take with me. I already know that i will take too much, like always when i'm going on a vacation. I can't wait to face the sun and forget about school for a little while!

vrijdag 12 april 2013

Juicygram 12/04

A couple of my latest Instagram pics! You can follow me on @K_ariima

1.Getting ready/ 2.Thai wok after a busy day/ 3.Fruity smoothies made by me/ 4.Delicious pizzas at Vapiano/ 5. Breakfast with my girlies/ 6. Random shot of me/ 7. New top from Nelly/ 8. Delicious burger i had in the city/ 9.Breakfast for two!

maandag 8 april 2013

I realized big brown eyes can hypnotize

Oh my, i'm not wearing a coat or vest outside and i don't even feel cold. Can you imagine? I had such a relaxed day today since the sun was out and i didn't have any class or work or whatever. I went out to eat something and i had such a good chicken sandwich i still think about it right now ha ha. Definetely worth having again. After that i went for a relaxing walk and i didn't even had the need doing somehting else. I hope y'all had a relaxing day like i had!

donderdag 4 april 2013

I saw a 'white' light at the end of the tunnel

I am longing for a holiday lately, a sunny holiday in a country far from cold Europe. Just doing nothing but being lazy in the sun and search for shadow under a palm tree to cool down. Wouldn't you love that? The great news is that i'm going to Athens this month! It may not have palm trees but it's certainly waaay warmer than it is here. I've never been to Greece so i can't wait to experience that!

maandag 1 april 2013

Beauty review | Benefit cover up powder

I got this powder from the brand Benefit since a short while and i am so happy with it! It is a custom powder cover up and can be used as a covering foundation and after as a finishing face powder. I used a bunch of powders before this one and i've never been so satisfied with the result. It even has a SPF 15 so you're skin is partially protected against the sun..