vrijdag 24 april 2015

Eyes on the prize

I love to combine edgy with feminine and that is certainly projected in this look. The edge of the oversized light grey bomber jacket with the feminity and elegance of the heels make a cool urban chic look that kind of shows my personality. What do you guys think?

zaterdag 11 april 2015

Gone with the wind

Get yourself as much duster coats as you can this spring, cause they are the perfect items to match up into a perfect spring outfit. All kinds of tops, jeans, trousers and shoes will go under a duster coat and it will look stylish without a doubt! My favorites are the maxi length ones and I love them combined with a roll neck top.

woensdag 25 maart 2015

Laced up

I am so excited spring is here! Leaving the house without wearin a coat and a beanie is slowly getting possible again. And of course open toe shoes! My love for lack and white is still showing but I am loving the spring pastel trend too. Can't wait to post some pastel outfit posts!

dinsdag 10 maart 2015


The bomber jacket is back and I am loving it! It's such a versatile jacket and comes in all kinds of cuts, designs and styles which makes it accessible for just anybody. Oh, and this is my first post with the short hair cut! Still getting used to it..

woensdag 18 februari 2015

Preppy young thing

A preppy touch never killed nobody and the shirt under sweater look never gets out of style. This outfit kind of reminded me of an old English school look. 

maandag 26 januari 2015

Fluffy winter day

I got myself a new furry friend! It keeps me so warm during these cold days and looks so classy at the same time. I got this fluffy coat from Pull & Bear and it was part of their limited outerwear collection. It's even in baby blue which is one of my favorite colors of this season! To me Pull & Bear is always full of surprises. Once you enter the shop you just don't know what surprising items you will find in all kinds of style ranges. Love it!

vrijdag 19 december 2014


I am so glad we didn't have very cold days yet, so I could walk around without wearing piles of clothes and disappear in it. The shades of grey are still taking me over and I'm not planning to change that any time soon! I'm also loving this shoker that I ordered from a Dutch webshop. I remember wearing chokers when I was like 10 years old, and they're all hot and happening again!