zaterdag 21 september 2013

White sky

Yeah, well i can start all over and tell you about the fact that there is no sun in Holland and bla bla bla, but i won't. It was a cloudy day with a beautiful white sky and i decided to go out with Marleen and shoot my outfit of the day..

I like how bright the pictures turned out even though it was so cloudy. I think the colours in my outfit match the weather in one way or another, don't you think? Marleen has a blog herself and posts beautiful inspiring pictures on it. You should definetely check it out: PassingSouls

 Shirt: H&M/Skirt: River Island/Belt: Vintage/Sneakers: Converse
Photography by: Marleen

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  1. awesome style!! ;-))

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    Nice blog. Lovely photos. Love your style.

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  3. Very nice pictures!
    You look so girly, just beautiful! I love it!
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  4. Good! :)
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  5. Sure we can follow! I'm following you on GFC xx

  6. You look beautiful, I love your skirt!

    Kirsten x

  7. hello beautiful, sensational look, I really like

  8. that is such a cute look! i love your skirt!

    I follow you now via bloglovin and GFC.. follow back?

  9. you look amazing! love your skirt

  10. I liked shooting with you.
    Wanna do it again?

  11. stilish, love it ;)
    let's keep in touch!

  12. There is something Amy Winehouse in this post.

  13. Great skirt!