zondag 29 april 2012

I found your nose, it was in my business.

It was such a lovely and sunny day in Amsterdam. I had a lot to do but when the sun shines that's not a problem at all. Sunshine makes everything good don't you think? After all i got some time to make some nice pictures in the park. Even though i had a very busy day i decided to wear some nice heels i got from a vintage store here in Amsterdam. The rest of my outfit was pretty comfortable and light. The knitted vest is a hand made present i like soo much and  got from a friend. I even got it in a nice pink color too, so i have two of these guys! The bag i got from Primark. I love this store because you can purchase a lot of nice accessories and even shoes and for a very good price too! The jeggings are from H&M and the scarf i got from Six. I must say i started to feel my feet at the end of this very busy day. But when you're a heel soldier even the busiest days don't stop you from wearing high heels. You just go on like you're wearing the most comfortable shoes in the world! 

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