donderdag 16 augustus 2012


I'm certainly not a girly girl, but sometimes i just can't hold myself from wearing a very girly outfit. When i saw a very fashionable celebrity wearing a supercute petticoat i was insisted to find myself a similar one. It was just not as easy as i thought it would be. After searching on the internet for a whole while i finally found this cream handmade Laumet-London petticoat. I was so happy to finally receive it and wear it in my own style. I thought it was so pretty to wear the cream petticoat with these pink tones. And because i'm not thát girly, i had to break all these sweet things with this light bleached denim jacket and a black urban shirt. It turned out to be a balanced, not to sweet outifit. Because there was already a lot going on, i decided not to add too much accessories.

By the way, a couple of days ago i tried to get myself a dark purple-red hair colour by dying it with the cherry noir hairdye of Loreal Casting Crème gloss, but you can barely see anything of it. Just a very subtle red glow in the sunlight. My hair was probably too dark for it!

Petticoat: Laumet-London/Clutch: H&M/Denim Jacket: Primark/T-shirt: Vila/Shoes:
Photography by Tugba Avsar

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  1. Ohh I love it! It so much fun! Every girl has her girly moments

  2. Lovely skirt! I adore it!
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    Have a great weekend!

  3. Thank you for your beautiful comment!!
    You look amazing!! Love this outfit especially the jacket!♥


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  5. thanks for comment and visiting!

    great blog! love this outfit! omg it's perfect!

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  6. wow wow wow!!!! i love everything in this post, the skirt is just breathtaken! i love your shoes too!! follow your lovely blog right now :) i invite you to follow mine if u like, kiss

    Anna from Anna's Mirror