dinsdag 21 augustus 2012

Juicygram 22/08

Let's try something new; Juicygram! I'll place my latest instagram pics and you will.. well, just enjoy! By the way, you can follow me on instagram too, my username is @Juicyconfashions. Xoxo

Lovely dinner in Indian restaurant

Random shot on my balcony

 Love this golden Catrice nailpolish

50's girls reloaded line from Essence: Retro look!

It's never a bad moment for sushi :)

Waiting for the train

Experimenting with nailpolish

Roll the dice!

Mommy's Moroccan mint tea, love it!


Steve Madden 

Gourmet @home

 Silver |Moroccan jewelry

My Arabian/Bohemian shoot

Lots of sugar on sugar party:)

Random wardrobe items



Desert in Dubai

Yellow satchel

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