dinsdag 6 mei 2014

Black lips

You've probably noticed that I love me some bold lips. With this outfit, I took the color to another level: black lips! Well, it's actually not really black, but a very dark red which is almost impossible to notice. I came to this color by experimenting with a black pencil and a burgundy red lipstick. My side shave is also on point after a whole while which gives the whole look a little edge.

Top: Asos/Pants: H&M/Boots: H&M/Backpack: Atmosphere/Snapback: The Hundreds/ Rings: H&M

6 opmerkingen:

  1. I won't try black lips for myself (I'm blond) but it's all great on you ;-)

    Feel free to visit my blog ;-)

  2. Je hebt echt een geweldige style!
    Volg je nu op Bloglovin' :)

    Much Love, M

  3. I so love it! Great style great pictures


  4. wow....love your blog and how much work you've put into it. Would really love for us to follow each other. Following you already on gfc and bloglovin....