woensdag 11 juli 2012

Autumn in summer

Seriously, summer doesn't seem to find her way to Amsterdam. I think she lost track somewhere in France or something because this weather doesn't feel like summer at all! After a whole lot of rain and wind the sun found a chance to peek her way through the clouds for a couple of minutes. Of course i couldn't let this chance run ha ha . And after all, summer holidays started and i just finished my last exams so i haven't got any reason to complain; freedom is mine!

By the way, if summer doesn't come to me, i will go and find her because by the time it's august i will be in my favorite city Marrakech! Till then, i'll make the best of it in this cloudy place with some colourfull outfits. I combined this coral Zara blouse with some nice mint/silver pants that i got from H&M. The leather boots are H&M too and the black double belt is from Vila. The (too big) rings are from Primark and finished the whole thing up.

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  1. Great look <3 xo

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  2. thank u for ur comments :)) i really adore ur style maybe we became followers?:> let me now xx

  3. You look Fantastic :) lovely bluse and shoes :)
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  4. Love your hair!!!!


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  6. Love your blouse!!


  7. Adorable look!
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  9. Looks nice.
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  10. great outfit! I love your blouse :)